How lessons learned in the cljs world can help you grow your React app

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Clojure(Script) is a delightful language and learning it will make you look at familiar concepts in a completely different way. Its emphasis on data transformations gives you immense clarity in understanding a problem: code syntax fades away when you think about how the data flows through the system.

I recently started working on vanilla React projects, and it surprised me that some hard-earned lessons in the cljs ecosystem that I take for granted have not reached the wider React community. …

The ultimate guide on modern logging

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Most people consider logging something nice to have; a supplement to the code that matters or something you add in order to debug a problem.

Having worked for the past year in a distributed microservices architecture I finally discovered what logging truly is: it’s Google Analytics for your code.

Think about this: the business asks you to track interesting behaviour so it has the information it needs to make informed decisions. They want to know if a feature is driving in more customers, if a campaign is getting traction, if one solution is preferable over another.

Francesco Sardo

Loves everything UX and product related. And data. And Clojure

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