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  • Giordano Scalzo

    Giordano Scalzo

    Developer, Writer, born in 🇮🇹, living in 🇬🇧. Swift, but not only. Putting magic in the apps. Github: https://github.com/gscalzo

  • Adam Brown

    Adam Brown

    Music maker, android dev, mechanical keyboard enthusiast. @novoda

  • Alex Korotkov

    Alex Korotkov

    Moscow, Voronezh, Anna = Web, Python, XML(XPath, XQuery, XSLT, XSD), NoSQL(Mongo, ExistDB)

  • Genymotion


    Powerful cross-platform Android emulator for developers and QA engineers. Witness the power of our collaborative and testing features at genymotion.com/cloud

  • Ilya Dmitrichenko

    Ilya Dmitrichenko

    DX @weaveworks

  • Matúš Lešťan

    Matúš Lešťan

    Co-founder at district0x

  • Luigi Leuce

    Luigi Leuce

    Sono un #illustratore. Mi piace disegnare e tirare fuori dal mio #cilindro magico tutto ciò che mi frulla in testa. CREDO NEL POTERE DELLE #IDEE.

  • JitPack.io


    Easy to use package repository for #JVM and #Android. JitPack builds Git projects on demand and provides ready-to-use packages. Happy building!

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